3 Products To Save Your Business Money

It is important nowadays in the current business environment for organisations to remain agile and be able respond to changing consumer requirements. This is easier for smaller organisations without strict hierarchy and red tape to bypass before decision are made, and is partly the reason why many new startups are able pivot their whole business model at the drop of a hat. A business with fewer decision makers can react quickly to changes in the market, and in this sense, they can gain a competitive advantage from this. Organisations are focusing a lot on streamlining their processes and generally being more efficient with their resources, and here are three tech products that almost any business should consider implementing to reach such goals.

Room booking systems

These are systems built using a combination of hardware and software, with the purpose of booking meeting rooms within your building, quickly, easily and remotely. Gone are the days of a secretary or assistant sending out meeting invitation emails manually, when nowadays it is done quickly and simply from even a mobile phone! This frees up their time to do other tasks.

Room booking systems will be able to connect to a display system outside of the meeting rooms and automatically update as the meeting commences. The purpose of the meeting, meeting leader and start/finish time will all be visible on the system, allowing the information to be spread quickly and efficiently.

Quality cybersecurity

Now, we’re not talking about your standard antivirus straight out of the box; instead these are bespoke security systems created and implemented according to your organisation’s needs. We’ve seen over the past few years even the biggest companies and even governments, fall victim to cyber-threats, with the consequences being costly in terms of time, and obviously, money. Investing in keeping your organisation safe in the safe of cyber-threats will save you hassle in the future, especially if you are putting your customer’s data at risk.

If your business does not specialise in security, hire a company which does. It is critical that such protection comes from experts, which will insure that the protection is being provided efficiently and effectively. Believe me, the damage that can be done by cyber threats can be much more than monetary.

LED Lights

A light bulb you say? A LED light bulb to be precise. Maintaining an office that is open for over 12 hours  day can rack up huge utilities bills. It is important to use more efficient electronics and a simple change to the style of bulbs can make a huge difference. The benefits are clear to see – an LED bulb can use a fifth of wattage compared to a similar incandescent bulb, but it’s lifespan is twenty times longer. Not only does this save in maintenance costs in the long-term, but it also means less electricity is used. An organisation with a whole office building switching over to LED bulbs couldn’t make anymore sense, as the monetary savings are clear.